The Perfect Hat for Your Tiny, Little Head

That Hat

People with normal-sized heads never seem to have any trouble finding hats that fit. But what about people like you, with that tiny, dainty head of yours? You can’t even wear a headband without it slipping off! Why should you suffer just because you were born with such a small and adorable skull? Well, don’t worry about getting trapped underneath your hat again—we’ve found the perfect toppers to flatter your tiny, little noggin!



If you’ve ever sighed, “Modern hat sizes simply don’t exist for me,” then try going vintage! Wear a small fascinator to play up your historical head size. While women with prominent heads may go for opulent fascinators made of heavy materials like ostrich feathers, you’ll just drown in them. Opt for something simple, like a fascinator with a single parakeet feather instead. Wear it confidently and own the proportions of your darling cranium—as long as it’s teeny-tiny like you!


Baby Hats

Women with more masculine heads sometimes resort to hats in the men’s section. Oof—you totally know their pain. That’s JUST like when you have to buy hats in the children’s section. But even children’s hats can smother a woman with an itty bitty head. Don’t be ashamed to venture into the infant’s section. Embrace your precious lil’ dome! You have the head of a cherub and that’s okay.



A Drawstring Hat Made for a Kitten

You’re tired of your keppe being compared to all things cute—unlike women with more generous noodles who benefit from more flattering comparisons to pumpkins, George Lopez, or Chucky—but you’ll love the comfort a kitten hat provides! Having a head the size of the most adorable thing on the planet will be so worth it when you have a hat that fits.


A Visor Made out of a Rubber Band and a Leaf

Visors are usually one size fits all, but not for your lil’ clementine. The strap is never tight enough! It’s like the fashion industry only cares about women with generous or average head girth. While you can’t increase the BMI of your head, you can try this DIY version. Wearing this look says, “I’m quirky!” and, “Normal hats don’t fit my so cute you just wanna eat it up head!”


Pistachio Shell

If your heart breaks every time a beret sinks on your head, covering your eyes and nose, try the pistachio shell! It will never smother your head. Just don’t let the pistachio shell sit too far back or you’ll end up looking like Che Guevarr-nut.


Finally you can be a “hat person” without it covering your entire body. And when buying a hat, make sure to look for keywords like “adjustable”, “itsy bitsy”, or “can’t help being so cute and tiny!”