The Most Kissable Celebrity Penises

Sure, you can kiss any old penis, but no common cock compares to that of your CELEB crush! Celeb wangs are hotter than ever these days, filling our nights with smooch-fantasies about these high-profile jumblies! Take a NSFW journey through the six most kissable celebrity penises below:

farrell penis

Colin Farrell’s Major Schlong

Colin Farrell’s penis with a side of abs, please! My lips cry out for this Irish heartthrob’s man-meat on the reg. Delish!

denzel washington nude ricochet

Denzel Washington’s Dreamy Dong

It’s scientifically agreed that leading hung hunk Denzel Washington’s peepee has an 87% higher kissability than most!

dylan mcdermott nude american horror story

Dylan McDermott’s Big ‘Ole Beanpole

Yum yum Dylan McDermott! Your tickly pickle is for my mouth, and my mouth only. Ladies, hands and lips off that beefy bugle, ‘cause it’s all mine!



pitt penis

Brad Pitt’s Awesome Anaconda

My lips would have crawled off my fucking face if the delectable Mr. Pitt wasn’t on this list. I’d do a lot of terrible (and I mean really horrific) things to get my little smoocheroos on that shaft-a-rooney!


Jason Segel’s Pretty Prober

I’d let this Hollywood funnyman’s bat and balls smear my lipstick any day! His porksickle’s adorkable!


Daniel Radcliffe’s Blossoming Bagpipe

Will Daniel Radcliffe’s delicious pork sword lean in for the kiss, or will I? Hard to say, but a girl can dream, can’t she? Yummers! Talk about a hot rod! I’d take his choo choo to cock-kissing town if you know what I mean! That’s one egg roll I’d order as an appetizer and dessert. Mhmmm.