The All-Time Best VMA Outfits That Feature One Breast Totally Out

It’s that time of year again! With the VMAs just around the corner, it’s about time to recount the scandalous VMA outfits of yesteryear, and you know the ones we’re talking about—the ones with a boob totally out!



You remember those ensembles from the late 90s, that feature at least one full titty, out and about, floppin around, without a care in the world. Only a few lucky ladies are able to make this list, but it’s exclusivity grows as the VMAs (somehow) continue to exist. Read below for the best of the BREAST!



1. Lil’ Kim at the 1999 VMAs

lil kim purple outfit red carpet crazy fashion










It was the grope heard ‘round the world! Lil’ Kim is known for her wild, fearless fashion, and this look was no exception. This one-shoulder onesie designed by Kim’s stylist Misa Hylton featured her left breast dangling freely for all the world to see. She accented her visible boob with a matching purple wig, which was worn on her head, above the boob. Diana Ross copped a feel, and who could blame her? That lavender seashell pasty was so cute it was practically begging to be booped on live TV! This look is without a doubt the ultimate in boob-out fashion.



And there you have it: a comprehensive best-dressed list of one-titty VMA outfits.



The 90s were crazy!!!