Surprising Current Celebrity Roommates

Even big stars need roommates sometimes. Here are some celebrities that currently cohabitate with each other, just like regular humans. They’re just like us!


Mel Gibson and Danny DeVito

It seems like it may be trouble in paradise for these roommates. Gibson has frequently complained to magazines about Danny’s loud parties and lack of adherence to the “sock rule.” “How hard is it to put a sock on the door when you have someone over?” Gibson gripes. DeVito has stated that he is moving out if he has to watch The Passion of The Christ one more time. “We share a Netflix account,” DeVito, a millionaire, says. “Does he know how much that screws up my recommendations?” What a combo!


Beyoncé and Angela Lansbury

Rumor has it these two strong women get into tiffs over their common spaces. “I’m by no means a neat freak, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask that she does her dishes and puts away her diamonds,” the elderly Murder She Wrote actress tells us. “And she certainly doesn’t ‘wake up like that.’ I can never get into the bathroom in the morning!” Beyoncé says that Lansbury is a great roommate. “She’s so adorably old! And that British thing she does is great. I come back from a concert and just hear her talk for hours being like, ‘I’m trying to sleep! Yes, that dance is sexy. Let me get some bloody sleep!’ So cute!” Can’t this Odd Couple of multimillionaires just get along?


Neil deGrasse Tyson and Zayn Malik

This cohabitation is out of this world! The super cute Zayn shares a three-bedroom townhouse with the renowned astrophysicist on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. The tight space doesn’t bother Zayn, who was a big fan of the glow stars that Tyson put on the ceiling. This pair also hosts super popular blacklight parties together. According to Zayn, when deciding how to help people find the bathroom during one of these parties, Tyson said “Let’s just point the glow stars in one direction.” Zayn replied, “Don’t you start with me!” Then they laughed. The rest is history!


John Travolta and Idina Menzel

Travolta usually sublets a guest room in his Ocala, FL mansion “just for fun, and for a little side cash,” according to the Saturday Night Fever star. Currently, he’s shacking up with Broadway sensation Idina Menzel. “We’re totally past the whole Adele Dazeem thing,” laughs Menzel, while sneaking into Travolta’s secret auditing room. “You won’t tell him I’m in here, right? It’s just that the acoustics are amazing.” The two enjoy watching old movies, having pool parties, and just staying up late talking about whatever. Fun!



Vin Diesel and The Olsen Twins

Who says three is a crowd? The Fast and Furious actor doesn’t even realize he is living with two other people. “They are the same person. I know what twins is. Twins is sexy. They are one, very blurry alien. I love car pussy.” Looks like Diesel has one thing in common with his character from Chronicles of Riddick: he has terrible vision! “We only have to do half the amount of chores, since we tell him it’s his turn whenever it’s Ashley’s turn,” says Mary-Kate, who is partnered with Olivier Sarkozy, a French banker. Ashley, who has a net worth of $300 million, says, “I love being a twin.”
So next time you complain about your roommate’s dirty dishes, just remember: at least they’re not Beyoncé!