Stories of Sex Actually Working

Did you know that there is more to sexual intercourse than just laying there waiting for it to be over so you can finally fall asleep? That’s right, you can actually enjoy his penis in your vagina to the point that you climax, not just getting close to it! Brave women from across the country spoke with us to share their stories of enjoying having a penis up inside of them for five to ten minutes at a time. We’re humbled and awed:


Pam from Kansas confessed, “I’m not really sure what happened, one second I’m laying there with a penis inside me, and the next I’m like, ‘I think I kinda like that?! Who and what am I? Surely not a human woman!’”


We discovered that many of the stories of sex really working involved women who demonstrated general enthusiasm during the act, despite it not being Instagram, naps, or snacks.


Alexis from New York describes her breakthrough sex-being-good experience. “Well, I’d always heard that touching my own privates during sex would make it work better but it just seemed too crazy. It sounded like a man thing. Then one day I decided to give caressing my gross disaster area a whirl and holy cow! I felt things and they were not bad.”


You hear that, ladies? You can enjoy your P-in-V time with your love partner now by moving your body parts and seeing how they feel.


Other woman had success with intercourse-related sensations when their male partner made efforts to try new things on their genitalia besides mechanical, unvarying dick thrusting.


Gail from California wrote about a most unusual experience. “He was inside of me, and as usual I was thinking about which dog food was best for my dog when suddenly he did the weirdest thing. He alternated using his hands and his MOUTH on my erogenous zone! I had no idea that kissing was a thing you could do during sex and that my shame hood could be kissed. He did that for a couple minutes and then I had one of those orgasm things I’ve been hearing about for years! Sex actually worked! I almost puked.”




Contrary to popular belief, your man has a mouth and hands that he can put on and in you, and so do you. He is capable of staying inside of you for enough time for you to enjoy the sex act also and even experience an involuntary muscle contraction response! You can use all of your body parts and positive feelings to enhance your sexual experience and make it not a memory you try to forget. Sex, unlike masturbating, can be fun, and work!