Inspiring Faith and Gratitude in Your Newborn Daughter

Reductress - Inspired Baby

Every mother wants to inspire love, faith, and gratitude in their daughter, and this journey begins the day she enters the world. Cherish your newborn daughter’s young spirit by leading her down a path of faith, self-love and gratitude–tools that will help her for the rest of her life.

Allow Her to Express Herself Through Yoga and Dance.

She has already been through the trauma of birth, and is learning to face the world as a young soon-to-be-woman. After a stressful day of looking at you looking at your computer screen, help her to free herself from suffering through simple movement therapy, which will make your baby feel comfortable and grounded in her own body.

Challenge Your Daughter to Say One Nice Thing a Day, Even if It’s Hard for Them.

It can be hard for anybody to bring positive energy into their lives, especially for those of us who have not yet learned the skills to speak. Challenge your daughter to say one positive, encouraging thing–even if she cannot find the words to do it. It’s not easy for any of us to do! Soon, she will learn how putting positive energy out will bring positivity back into hers.


Encourage Quiet Reflection and Meditation for Your Baby.

Newborns are processing new information every minute–encourage your baby to sit silently and reflect on what they’ve learned in the first few days and weeks of their life. Practice prayer and fasting to help her appreciate the merits of self-denial. Set up a peaceful space for her, and allow her to light a candle and look into it. Leave her alone in that room to stare at the candle, and she will seek her own answers to life’s greatest questions.

Give Your Baby a Gratitude Journal.

Encourage them to maintain it daily–recording what they are thankful for in their lives. They may find it challenging at first, and not know what to do with a book filled with blank paper, but you can help them find the words to write by holding the pen for them and actually writing in the book.

Encourage Your Baby to Volunteer.

It’s hard for to take time out of our busy lives to help those in need. Tell your baby how important it is to take time out of her busy schedule to let poor people hold her, or let old people hold her. She will soon feel the love and gratitude that comes from self-sacrifice, and maybe feel a little closer to herself.

Take Your Baby on a Retreat.

It’s imperative that every woman can escape from her surroundings to find solace and peace. Take that smartphone out of her tiny hands and replace it with a beautiful flower. Leave her in a field to stare at the stars and take in the universe. Encourage your baby to take a solo trip backpacking to a serene landscape, and allow her to appreciate the little things, which is so hard to do in our society today.