Signs He’s Just Not That Into Youth

We’ve all been there – you’re young and hot, and start pursuing a man whose response is lukewarm. After weeks of getting mixed signals, trying to figure him out, you realize the problem – he’s just not that into youth. Here are some signals to look for that may mean he’s interested in women of a certain, elder status…


1. Wenus Intrigue

When a man plays with the loose skin on your elbow in a dreamy fashion and says things like “I can’t wait until your entire body looks like this,” he’s telling you he prefers old wrinkly skin that lacks a youthful firmness. If that’s not you, then leave and find one of those rare gems who appreciates your smooth, hydrated young body. Be patient. He’s out there somewhere.


2. He Hides Your Sunscreen

Sunscreen is one of the few scientifically proven products that prevent our skin from aging. If he’s into youth, then he’s going to be happy you’re using it, and not trying to sabotage you by pouring it down the drain. Don’t bark up the wrong tree by staying with one of these wrinkle-chasers.


3. He Gets Distracted by Seniors

If he’s into you, then he’s not going to be goggling every old lady that zooms past on her mobility scooter. If you do catch him gazing at them, it’s time to scoot away yourself. There are plenty more men out there that will like you, youth and all.


4. He Loves it When You Forget

Sure, we all think it’s cute when someone has momentary lapses of short-term memory, but did you know this is also a common sign of getting older? If he’s turned on by your inability to remember where you put your phone or glasses, then we’re sorry, he may just be not that into youth. Time to forget him for someone who isn’t just looking for a roll in gray hay.


5. He’s Obsessed with Food Processors

When a guy offers to cook you a romantic dinner, he shouldn’t finish it off in the blender then microwave it for 30 seconds. If so, he’s hoping you have dentures that need to be removed before eating. Chew him out and find a new guy who loves your teeth just the way they are.



6. He’s too Gentlemanly

He opens the door for you, takes lids off jars, unhooks your bras, and tries to feed you from his plate. All these gestures may seem romantic and thoughtful, but if he insists on helping you cross the street, then he could be mistaking you for someone older and feebler and trying to use you to get his dick dry. Show him you’re willing and able by sprinting away from him.


7. He Asks About Your Ailments – All The Time

When a man is fascinated by your sore throat symptoms, and won’t stop stressing how easily a cold can turn into pneumonia… then he’s looking for a fossil, not a hot young thing.


8. He Thinks It’s Hot When You Lose Control of Your Bladder

It only happened that once, when he was tickling you after your third coffee of the day. If he laughs it off and pulls you close, get out. He wants to put his penile in the senile.