Sex Noises That Let Him Know This Is A ‘One-Time Thing’

You’re planning on “hittin’ it” and “quittin it.” Why not get it over with and let him know right in the thick of it? Here’s a list of super sensuous bedroom noises that tell your one-night stand that this is the only night of passion he’s going to get:
1. The “One-Night Stand” Grunt
When your guy is inside of you, you can match each of his thrusts with an animalistic grunt communicating the casual nature of your lovemaking. These grunts say “not only are you not husband material, you’re not even second-date material, because I am a primal being who doesn’t live beyond the current moment.”
2. The “I’m Too Busy For Anything Serious Right Now” Moan
A perfect way to not develop a deep connection is by loudly moaning during foreplay and/or intercourse as though you were paid to perform this act.
3. The “Hope You’re Leaving First Thing In The Morning” Whisper
Get really close to your guys ear and softly whisper to him all your desires – all of them. Telling him your deepest, darkest needs at this soft register reminds him that this is a nighttime-only relationship, indicating that he should definitely be gone before sunrise.

4. The “I’m Just So Drunk Right Now” Sigh
This sexy sigh lets him know the pleasure he’s giving is directly correlated to the three extra Jose Cuervo shots you had at the bar and that you will barely remember him tomorrow, let alone answer his phone calls.
5. The Sneeze
A few well-placed coughs and sneezes indicate that you’re not a healthy candidate for repeat romps. Nobody wants to have sex with a gal with a cold she just can’t kick!
The art of repelling a man while you’re still in the process of attracting him is a subtle one. Give him just enough rope to decide to quit this on his own.