Say What?! New Slang for Spring!

Reductress - Say What, Carly Monardo

Spring is the perfect time to refresh your speech. Check out the hot new words and phrases to brighten up your sentences this spring.


April Showers

Idiom: A way to casually explain why you’re crying at your desk. (Boss: “Uh…are you okay?” Woman with mascara running down her face: “Totally! April Showers! LOL!”)


Egg Hunt

n. A trip to your fertility specialist



n. Manicure that includes getting your fave celebrity’s face painted on your nails.



n.  Respectful way to refer to your female dog. (“Miss Thumbelina Birkin Bag, you’re the best grrrrrrrlfriend a hot bitch like me could ever have!”)



Acronym: New Sun Dress. (“I totally love it, but Jessica’s skimpy NSD is a little NSFW.”)



OSIAS (pronounced oh-sigh-us)

Acronym: Oh Shit It’s Almost Summer. (“It’s April 29th?!?  OSIAS!!! I gotta lose 30 lbs, like, yesterday!”)


Seasonal Gal-ergies

n.  Food allergies girls claim during bikini season to aid in weight loss. (“First gluten, now soy?!? Whitney has some serious seasonal gal-ergies!)


Spring Leaning

n. The process of clearing everything out of your house that isn’t low-cal, half-fat, sugar-free, or body-shaming.


Sumobruh (pronounced sue-moe-bruh)

Abbreviation: Sunday Morning Brunch

(“I can’t make it to spin class, I have sumobruh with my college friends.”)



n. Box where you keep everything that reminds you of your ex (at least the stuff you didn’t burn).