Say What?! Summer Edition

Reductress - Say What, Carly Monardo

If you’re finding yourself overusing the slang from our last Say What?! and want to add something new to your vocabulary, here’s ten new words and phrases for summer!

Chicken McFugg-it

n. The fast food you eat when you’re too drunk to care about your beach bod anymore. (“I’m so hungry I could eat my own breasts right now. Pass me the chicken McFugg-it!”)


Drunky Bruisester

n.  What you call yourself after a klutzy night of drinking that leaves you with mystery bruises in the morning.


Face Value

n.  Where one rates on the prettiness scale.  (“That nose job totally upped her face value.”)



v.  To daydream about better thighs.



The tattoo on a fat person that you didn’t want to to see. (“She needs to get a longer shirt so I don’t have to look at that muffin top fattoo.”)


Kit Kat

n.  Quick way to say “Give me a break!”  (Girl 1:  “Rachel says you hurt her feelings.” Girl 2: “Kit Kat! She’s a fucking baby!”)




n.  Sadness that sets in after a week of exclusively eating steamed cauliflower.



n. A theoretically awesome music festival that, in reality, consists of masses of smelly/sweaty people, overpriced everything, and mud.  (“I can’t believe I wore my new Tory Burch sandals to that messtival. Ruined!”)


Pee Pod

n. Cuter name for a port-o-potty.



n. Sex you had after an incredibly drunken beach party with a guy so gross he could only be referred to as a creature.  (“Leave her alone. She’s still reeling from her sex-on-the-creach last weekend.”)