Say What?!?! New Slang for Summer 2014

Reductress - Say What, Carly Monardo

Is your vocabulary as hot as your bikini bod? Don’t worry – Say What?! has you covered better than a custom spray tan.



Abbreviation for Aggro Cunt.

Ex: “Why is this douchenozzle still talking to us? Guess I gotta turn on the AC.”



n. A girls-only day at the beach.


Crop Top

n. A circumcised penis.


Drag Race

v. To smoke your cigarette as fast as you can to avoid sweating.



Foot Baller

n. Person with really nice shoes.


Girl’d Cup

n. A used menstrual cup.



adj. Referencing the game Hungry, Hungry Hippos, in a state of rageful hunger.

Ex: “I’m full-on Hippos right now, so shut up ‘til we find a restaurant.”



n. Totally transparent, brainless person who floats around your social circle.


Martha’s Vineyard

n. A nickname for your vagina.


Onion Rings

n. Visible sweat rings featuring a terrible odor reminiscent of onions.

Ex: “Ugh, I have onion rings again! I’m so done with this hippie deodorant bullshit.”


Sag Harbor

n. Vagina in dire need of rejuvenation.



Abbreviation for Super Pervy Freak.

Ex: Girl 1: “What do you know about Mark?”

Girl 2: “He went to Villanova and is a total SPF.”



Strawberry Daiquiri

n. Something you would have thought was the height of sophistication and coolness when you were 12, but is now lame.

Ex: Oof, the selection of dresses here is just a bunch of strawberry daiquiris.”



n. Period of time during which you abstain from sex.

Ex: “I’m taking a vajaycation until this yeast infection calms down.”



n. Boobs showcased in a water bra