Say What?!?! New Slang for Fall 2014


September means back to school, which means it’s time to learn some new slang. Use these and you’ll be sitting at the cool table in no time!



n. A pointless assignment from your boss.


Autumn Starvest

n. A celebration of the season’s abundance that involves abstaining from all of it.


Fantasy Football

n. A remembrance of all those hot soccer players from the summer.


Fire Drill

v. To tell someone a dramatic lie to see how they’ll react.

Ex: “I’m totally gonna fire drill my stepmother this weekend and tell her I have breast cancer.”



n. A studio apartment.



Pencil Case

n. A condom for an exceptionally small penis.

Ex: “Do I have Magnums?!? Yeah right, dude! You need a pencil case.”


Pep Rally

n. A meeting in the bathroom to do cocaine.


Pumpkin Spice

adj. Used to describe someone you really liked at first, but then they started showing up everywhere and now you’re over them.

Ex: “James Franco is so pumpkin spice.”



n. Orange skin from self-tanner that lasts through the fall.



v. Acronym for Tell Me All About Your Summer.

Ex: “Randi, ohmygod, how was Nantucket with Josh? TMAAYS ASAP!”