SAY WHAT?!?! 24 Fun New Words You Need in Your Vocab NOW!

Reductress - Say What, Carly Monardo

We’ve listed some of our fav (fave) new sayings below for you to add to your lexi (lexicon)



(pronounced bwoo-hwigh)
Acronym: Bitch With Ugly Hair Who I Hate (“You know Jessica…that BWUHWIH on the second floor who wears green all the time…”)



(pronounced Blaaaaahhhnd)
n. Generically pretty and totally boring blonde girl – Don’t be one!



n. High-carb item you eat while stoned.



n. The short period of time right after sex when you get along with your asshole boyfriend.



n. Name for a cheating guy’s dick.



v. Just look at stuff with your eyes.



Garbage Picker

n. Man or woman who sleeps with the worst people at the bar.



n. Tofu products put in a Ziploc bag for on-the-go consumption.


Guyvy League

n. A name for the hottest guys you know.


Humpty Bumpty

n. Person with genital warts.



(pronounced like the pancake place)

Acronym: I Hate Old People. (“What’s that smell? Ugh, IHOP!”)



(pronounced eye ess bee)

Acronym: I’m Sorry But… Usually accompanied by (or stands in for) an insult (“Have you seen Marcy’s hair? I.S.B….” or “I.S.B., this hotel suite, or whatever, is like a rape room!”)



n. What one needs after a long night of giving oral sex on one’s knees. (“Grady took so long to cum, I was down there for like an hour. I totally need kneehab.”)


Master Cleanse

n. Socially acceptable anorexia.



n. Nosy friend who wants to hear all the details of your sex life.



n. Yogurt you find hidden in a corner of your fridge months after it’s expired.



n. Woman who won’t stop complaining about the sleazebags she hooks up with.



(pronounced like the home shopping network)
Acronym for Quick Vaginal Cleaning (“Just gonna run to the bathroom for a QVC before I go home with Matt.”)


Rain of Terror

n. Storm that suddenly starts when you’ve just gotten a blow out.


Raisin Branorexia

n. Eating disorder where you only eat raisin bran, are constantly shitting, not retaining vitamins, and losing weight like crazy!



n. Veggie burger.



n. Friend who can tell you what various acts, people, etc. will do to your social status.



Phrase. What you exclaim when the lights come on in a bar and you realize the guy you’ve been talking to is ugly. (“Watt the fuck?! I g2g!”)



n. Sex acts involving yogurt.