Say What?! New Slang For Fall!

Reductress - Say What, Carly Monardo

Say What?! Is back for fall with some cool new words and phrases. Study up on this lingo and you’ll be the talk of the talk this autumn.



Abbreviation for Cocky, Loud, Old Guy. (“Ew, that CLOG at the end of the bar keeps making eyes at me. As if.”)



n. An apple that looks amazing but is all mushy and gross on the inside. (“Goddammit! I’ve been looking forward to my apple for dessert all day, and it’s a total crapple. I might kill myself.”)


Heyyyyy Ride

n. A totally hot car. (“Ryan just bought a new Jaguar. It’s a total heyyyyyy ride.”)


Fall Holiage

n. The girls who overdo it in their sexy Halloween costumes and become a total mess. (“Let’s quit this parade. There’s too much fall holiage going on.”)



Abbreviation for Joe’s Crab Shack referring to a guy who most likely has crabs among other STI’s. (“Don’t sleep with Kevin! He’s a total Joe’s.”)


Mutt Slut

n. A girl who always goes for idiots who don’t have their shit together. (“Of course Mutt Slut Carrie is talking to that guy who doesn’t believe in jobs.”)


Pumpkin Space

n. The alone time you need after indulging in too many baked goods. (“Don’t go near Daniella right now. She’s still cranky and gassy from those break room donuts – In a total pumpkin space.”)



Second String

n. The people you go out with when your favorite friends are busy. (Girl 1: “I definitely can’t make it to the party on Friday.” Girl 2 (exasperated): “Ugh, fine. I’ll call in my second string.”)



n. A raggedy pair of Spanx that’s barely holding on and barely holding you in, but you keep around in case of emergencies.


Trample Sale

n. A sample sale that’s so crowded, you’re at risk of being run over and crushed. (“DVF was a total trample sale – two girls got in a fight over a wrap dress. It was like WalMart on Black Friday, but with attractive people.”)


Triple O

Abbreviation for Out of Order (“This yeast infection is so crazy, my vagina is gonna be Triple O for at least a week.”)


Twice Cake

n. A rice cake you split between two meals.