Rock the Look: Stars Wearing Colors

Many women assume they can’t wear colors, but celebrities are there to show us we can! Check out the hot stars below that prove fabric does come in colors:

1 red jennifer lawrence


When people think color, they often think: red! This is one color you can definitely wear. Jennifer Lawrence knows it!


2 orange Vanessa Hudgens


Somewhere between red and yellow lies orange, and you should venture there by wearing it! Vanessa Hudgens isn’t afraid to rock this color trend!
3 yellow beyonce


Mrs. Carter is aware of all the colors of the rainbow, including yellow. Try buying clothing in shades of yellow and wearing them, if you’re interested in joining the yellow craze!
4 green Mena Suvari


The color Green is a color that reminds people of nature and other natural green things. That’s why it’s so fitting that Mena Suvari has chosen to wear it while eating!


5 blue katy perry


Did someone say blue? Katy Perry did, with this blue wig. But you don’t need a wig to rock blue. This color comes in a variety of clothing items, including jeans!




No one’s ever stopped Jessica Biel from wearing purple, a known color, and neither should you (be stopped)!


7 black Emma Watson


People like to forget that black is a color but it sure is. And it’s one you can wear. No one knows this better than black girl herself, Emma Watson.
8 skin jlo


What if you want to wear a color that doesn’t really feel like a color? Try skin. Jennifer Lopez rocks skin with diamonds for that “is this my skin or is it clothing” look.