Did You Really Need to Say That?! How to Keep Your Thoughts Inside

We have opinions because we’re human, but we should keep those opinions to ourselves because we’re women. How many times have you voiced what you actually thought and then totally regretted it? The next time you want to let everyone know what you actually think, try these cute and agreeable one-liners instead!

Your friend asks how she looks:

“Whoa! Those are definitely some clothes.”
“You look so human.”
“One thing’s for sure – I see you!”

The subject of religion comes up:

“All I can say is ‘oh my GOD, you’ve lost weight.'”
“Speaking of the blood of Christ, who wants more wine?”
“One thing’s for sure – churches are everywhere.”

Someone brings up politics:

“I’m voting to order another round of shots!”
“Red, white, and blue go great with your skin tone.”
“One thing’s for sure – we definitely live in America.”


You don’t like the food at a dinner party:

“Cool! That’s made of animals!”
“I can smell it from here.”
“One thing’s for sure – this is edible!”

Your boyfriend asks you if you love him:

“I can’t hear you.”
“I really can’t hear you.”
“One thing’s for sure – I need to get my hearing checked.”


“Oh my God, babies!”
“One thing’s for sure – babies are definitely babies.”