How to Plan the Perfect Destination Intervention

You and your girlfriends have the most amazing bond. You do everything together – celebrating the good times, and sharing in the struggles. That’s why it’s time to acknowledge that Elise has a serious problem with alcohol. But just because you have to stage a last-ditch effort intervention that could possibly save her life, it doesn’t mean you can’t have an amazing weekend with the ladies! Here’s how to combine your next intervention with sun, sand, and surf!


Go all-inclusive. It will inevitably be awkward, digging through your purse to find however many pesos you need for a cerveza in front of your newly stunned and sober friend. However, if you find an all-inclusive deal that includes alcohol, you don’t have to justify your consumption. If Elisa gives you side-eye while you’re downing margarita numero tres, you can firmly say, “It’s free anyway. But babygirl, this is about your habits.”


Arrive before Elise does. Or stay later after you send her home. Depending on how much solidarity you want to show your struggling pal, you may want to enjoy drink in moderation while she’s there, so be prepared to really rip it up before or after.


Designate A “Sober Hour.” Nothing will make Elise’s new vow of sobriety easier to follow than if you grudgingly institute a “sober hour” every day of the holiday. For convenience’s sake, pick an hour you’re likely to sleep through like 7.30 – 8.30 am. It’s the thought that counts, and you’re thinking about Elise.



Find her a sexy sponsor. Most resort destinations employ sweet local boys whose job it is to make your stay more enjoyable. Test those limits by assigning Elise a sexy babysitter who will keep the booze away, but look tan and gorgeous while doing it.


Plan fun activities for Elise to do while she’s sober, like rock climbing, snorkeling, or exploring ruins. That way she’s out of your hair and you’re able to make sangria in the hotel bathtub, get a tattoo, and generally make bad decisions over which Elise would cast an unwelcome pall. After all, she’s really got a problem.


Elise really needs your help right now, but that doesn’t negate the fact that you really need a vacation.