NFL Raises Domestic Abuse Awareness by Featuring Domestic Abusers

Ray Rice NFL - Reductress

In a unique effort to raise awareness of domestic abuse, the NFL has decided to keep all of those accused or convicted of domestic abuse on the field.


The program is designed to shame players by paying them to play football, allowing them to be judged by adoring fans, and profiting from merchandise with their names on it.


Fans of Raven’s running back Ray Rice were worried that footage of him dragging his girlfriend from an elevator after knocking her unconscious would risk him being benched for the season, causing viewers to forget the serious crime he’d committed. With the NFL’s insistence on public accountability, Rice was back on the field after a short two-game suspension, raising public awareness for the atrocity he had committed.



Says one NFL spokesman: “It’s important to remember that football is an intensely athletic sport that cultivates an atmosphere of violence and aggression. We don’t want people to forget that. That’s why we must continue to have any and all NFL athletes who engage in domestic abuse in every game. They deserve scrutiny.”


“You see all these guys around you who have a recorded history of domestic abuse – Fred Davis, Greg Hardy, Daryl Washington, Chris Terry,” says Patriots kicker and not-abuser Steven Gotstowski. “Nobody on the street even knows who they are. Hopefully maintaining a lucrative career in the public eye will finally deliver some justice.”