Netflix Loses 2 Million Viewers After Becky’s Dad Changes Password

Netflix Changed Password

Two million people found themselves unable to stream video on Netflix after Becky’s dad had changed his account password last Sunday. Over 66% of the state of Oregon had access to the account, claiming Becky said her dad “is chill” and “totally wouldn’t care.”


Many would-be viewers are outraged at the unexpected password change. “How am I gonna re-watch season two of Elementary?” asked friend of a friend, Tiffany Jones.



One of Becky’s former preschool classmates spent over four hours trying to guess the new password, which was a combination of the family’s pet dog’s name and their home address. “I tried ‘Bear123’ and ‘Bear4699’ based on the last four digits of their phone number, but it seems like he came up with something totally original on this one.”


When she discovered she couldn’t access the popular streaming video network, Becky’s former best friend’s mom initially blamed herself. “I thought it was on caps lock, but soon I realized that something bigger was happening.”


Becky claims she doesn’t know why her dad changed the password, though rumors among her friends claim that he was getting suspicious about some of Becky’s viewing history.