Mom Still Asks, “Is He Cute?” About Her Gay Daughter’s New Coworker

It has been eight years since Jean Henderson, 32, came out to her mother, Liz Henderson, yet the elder Henderson can’t let go of the urge to relate to her daughter through the objectification of men.


Henderson’s latest, “Is he cute?” inquiry was spurred by her daughter’s mention of Dermot Steele, her new cubicle partner at work. Jean was once again caught off guard by the irrelevant nature of the question.


Jean came out to her mom at a mother-daughter vacation in the Catskills during her freshman year at Sarah Lawrence. She names it as a crucial moment in their relationship. “We laughed, cried, cuddled. I think she used the phrase ‘les-be-honest’ a few times. And I was. I was an honest lesbian,” Jean reminisced.



“But sometimes it feels like that weekend never happened.”


Cassie Henderson, Jean’s younger sister, brought up the possibility that their mother simply forgot Jean is gay. “It’s not like Jean’s had any serious relationships lately. I don’t know, maybe Mom thought she should find a cute sperm donor and have kids. She isn’t getting any younger.”


Liz was unavailable to comment, as she was at Walmart looking at some “really cute barrettes” she thought Jean might like for Christmas.