Men’s Favorite Noses – Did Yours Make the List?!

Every woman knows an attractive nose is key to attracting a man. But did you know which noses men like best? Consult the list below to see if yours made the cut, or if it should be cut by a surgeon sometime soon!



Straight Nose

This classic nose shape is always in fashion. Men love symmetrical, unbroken noses. “Nothing turns me on like a nose that meets all my expectations,” says Roger, 32.


Upturned Nose

Some noses just don’t want to play by the rules. The unexpected upturn of this nose is appealing to men who love a wicked woman. “It tells me that the girl is sneaky and probably has a smart mouth,” says Jack, 24. “She’s the kind of woman I love to hate.”


Broad Nose

Fear not, plus-size ladies: guys who love wide noses are comfortable with women who have other sizable body parts – and there are more of them out there than you’d think. “I like a girl with a nose that’s not afraid to take up most of her face,” says Jason, 29.


Humpy Nose

Having a bump in your nose signals to men that you’re a little more serious than the rest, especially because it’s the perfect resting spot for those sexy librarian glasses. “Girls with the bump nose is gonna work hard, but also play hard,” says Mike, 30. “There’s a freak in that nose just waiting to break loose. “


Tiny Nose

An itty-bitty nose is a green light for a guy who likes to take charge. “Those tiny-nose girls are so innocent and helpless. You really gotta take care of ‘em, and I’m way into that kind of stuff,” says Marcus, 32.


Hooked Nose

Guys who love the hooked nose are just the opposite, and want a girl who will take charge. “You never have to worry what this girl wants, because she’ll tell you straight and fast,” says Frank, 23.


Button Nose

This adorable nose says, “I’m just the girl next door.” It’s cute, but not threatening. “A girl with a nose like that, is someone you want to settle down and have kids with,” says Jaime, 34.
So now you know which noses aren’t a no!