Melissa McCarthy Photoshopped into Jenny McCarthy in New Poster

Almost a month after being accused of offensively altering Melissa McCarthy’s face in The Heat movie poster, Twentieth Century Fox’s art department is under fire again for replacing the star entirely.
The first poster, which rendered McCarthy’s face completely unrecognizable through a series of design treatments, pales in comparison to this latest version, which erases the star and replaces her with Playboy model/autism activist Jenny McCarthy.
Twentieth Century Fox has released an apology, swearing the switch was an accident. “We’re working on another film with [Jenny] McCarthy. I saw the name on the poster and thought she was in it. It was an honest mistake,” says art director Chad Ferguson.

Despite the company’s statement, many fans and celebrities still believe the graphics mix-up was deliberate and are demanding Mr. Ferguson’s termination. Supermodel Christie Brinkley, who spoke openly about her disdain for airbrushing, reiterated her opinion on Twitter, saying, “It’s kind of weird because you’re obviously going to watch the movie and Jenny McCarthy won’t be in it.”
Melissa McCarthy, who has been increasingly forced to comment on her weight and body image as her stardom grows, is tiring of the whole issue. “Ugh,” she said.