Meg Ryan to US Weekly: “I’m So Happy to be Out of the Public Eye”

Meg Ryan

Meg Ryan is on a PR roller coaster this week as she has told US Weekly just how happy she is being out of the public eye. The legendary actress told US Weekly that, “It’s been so nice being in New York City, out of the celebrity-obsessed circus that is today.”
“For example, I can take my daily 1:30 – 2:15 stroll in the West Village – starting out east on Perry, with a right on Bleecker, down to Barrow, knowing that paparazzi definitely won’t be following me. My private lifestyle means I often make this walk without makeup and use it as a time to do things that show I’m just like US! Uh, I mean normal people.”

When asked about her daughter Daisy and how stepping out of the limelight has let her focus on being a regular mom, Ryan said, “It’s a dream. Everyday at 3:00, I pick up her up at the back of her school (at the red door to the left of the mural) so paparazzi don’t take exploitative Hot Pics! of us.”
Ryan is also enjoying hanging out with people outside of the movie industry, explaining, “It’s fabulous having sources close to me, I mean friends, who have a variety of interesting jobs and connections to publications.”
And what about her relationship with rocker John Mellencamp? “My extremely private relationship with John is amazing. It would be such a bummer if Page Six was hanging around at our Tuesday night dinners at Babbo, writing about how we feed each other and then fight about his ex-wife. Thank God they don’t.”