Man Blogs 300 Messes to Ready His Girlfriend for Marriage

“You’ve made another mess? Three hundred more of those and you’ll be husband material,” Danielle Fischer told her live-in boyfriend, Carl Winterfeltd, last May.


Since then, Winterfeltd’s goal is to create 300 more messes in their hip Brooklyn apartment and blog about them to ready her for a marriage proposal.
“When I heard her say that thing about 300 messes, I was like, that’s exactly what I need to do: make exactly 300 messes to show her I could be a good husband,” says Winterfeltd. And he’s been blogging the messes (about three a week) ever since. “It’s hard to get creative, ’cause I know Danielle knows how to pick up a sock or wash a dirty coffee mug by now.”


Carl has gotten more imaginative with his messes over the course of the experiment: recent blog posts feature a smashed coffee pot left on the kitchen floor, a burnt pot of chili, and a kitty litter spill. “We don’t own a cat but I got some dirty litter from a neighbor.”


“I really want to prove that I can be a messy husband. I’ve called up my dad from time to time for tips and I’ve even gotten up early some days to make sure there was a mess ready for her.”
BN-man blogs 300 messes 2

Winterfeltd is currently on his 174th mess, and hopes to hit his 300th and most hopeless mess by early 2014. His girlfriend is also enjoying the project. “Men think they have to do all these romantic things to woo a woman into marriage but what we’re looking for is pretty simple: just show me you can be a slob that I can clean up after all the time in order to feel like I have a purpose in life.”