Why I Love Valentines Day Even Though No One Loves Me

Valentine’s Day is a day of love and celebration. And while I haven’t had a boyfriend, and I often feel very alone in this world, there are many reasons I get still excited about this amorous holiday:

The Opportunity To Tell My Coworkers How Much They Mean To Me:

Like a lot people, I spend the majority of my day in an office and it definitely adds to the depression of being perpetually single. But the characters there make my workplace like a second home to me! I always giggle when Anne asks, “Carol, will you PLEASE stop eating your almonds so loudly?” Not a fan of nuts, Anne? Oh, that Anne. It also makes me smile that my supervisor still thinks my name is Karen. So this year, I am giving all thirty coworkers a personalized homemade card to show how much joy they bring to my life. Maybe they won’t forget to invite me to Thirsty Thursday this week!


Delightful Valentine’s Day Displays at CVS:

I don’t have a lot of reasons to go into drugstores like girls with boyfriends do – buying condoms, lube, and pregnancy tests. But I do refill my adult acne prescription regularly, so I know that CVS puts a lot of thought in their displays. Each year the bears, cards, candies, and balloons are artfully arranged in a magnificent parade of pinks, whites, and reds. I usually treat myself to checking out a couple different locations to see how the shelves differ. I’m sure they’ll “Keep It Sweet” like last year!

I Make A Little Extra Pocket Money Babysitting My Niece:

My sister Katherine and her husband are going away for a romantic ski weekend upstate this holiday. That’s an additional $87 in my bank account, which also means I can get my electricity turned back on. Not so cold being alone after all!
I have a feeling that 2014 is going to be the best Valentine’s Day yet!