Local Girl Ate “Literally Almost Nothing”

High school student Kayren Fyke amazed friends and family by going an entire day eating “literally almost nothing.”
Kayren, a former alternate on the cheerleading squad and currently “in between clubs” at her high school, feels “surprised and humbled” by her accomplishment.
“I really don’t totally know how I made it a whole day with practically, like, no food, like at all,” she says. “It’s so unlike me but I just kept forgetting to eat.” Kayren was quick to praise her best friend, mother and boyfriend for their support.
“It’s really impressive that she made it so long without food, like almost an entire day without realizing it,” says Brittani, Kayren’s best friend. “I could probably do the same thing, but I’m hypoglycemic so I could literally almost die if I don’t eat enough,” she adds.

Kayren’s mother, Brandy, agrees that Kayren’s modest eating was courageous. “Americans are like, the most obese, most food-obsessed people in the world, and it takes a lot of bravery to forget to eat for a few hours like Kayren did,” asserts Brandy.
Asked if she planned on fasting an entire day in the future, Kayren was skeptical. “It’s a lot, you know, to go basically 24 hours and virtually not put a single thing in your mouth and essentially not eating, like, for all intents and purposes,” she explains.
Asked what it was she actually did eat, Kayren declined to comment.