Leather-Bound Notebooks That Say ‘I’ve Definitely Got My Shit Together Now’

It’s a new year, and you know what that means—time to be the hyper-organized and thoughtful person you failed at being last year. There’s really no better way to appear both pensive and creative than by carrying a leather-bound notebook, ideally one with a ribbon place saver, and a stretchy chord that will secure its closure, keeping all your brilliant plans and thoughts in one place. Not sure which one will be best suited for proving to everyone that this is your year, goddammit? Here’s a definitive list of leather bound notebooks that say, “I’m super on top of my shit now.”



1 moleskin notebook

No other leather notebook will command the respect you deserve this year than a Moleskine. A favorite of artists, writers, reporters, and people-taking-themselves-super-seriously, Moleskine notebooks and planners are the ultimate in appearing like a person of substance who will not drop a meatball sub on the bus this year. And for anyone who’s recently gone vegan (because 2016 is the year where you do everything right for now), this one’s made of vegan leather. So, there’s that!



Jennibick Hand Sewn Leather Pocket Journals

2 hand sewn leather notebook

If your 2016 atheistic is “15th-century playwright who has the discipline to write dozens of plays before his untimely death,” then these are the leather notebooks for you. English professors and medieval knights alike preferred to keep their deepest thoughts and plans in one of these babies, and the loose tie will definitely give you that “relaxed but organized” appearance. Plus, you can monogram them to give the appearance that you don’t usually lose very important things like keys and tax documents and notebooks full of important notes.


“I Cannot Live Without Books” Leather Notebook

3 cannot live without books

This notebook not only gives you the platform to look like a creative person with thoughts to write down, but also like you are well-read and don’t have a shelf full of books that you just gave up on in the middle. Even if the last book you read was technically when you watched Gone Girl on a flight to Miami, this journal will help you fit right in with the other coffee shop patrons who seem to have showered this morning.



Carpe Diem Journal

4 carpe diem journal

2015 was filled with days you just completely forgot to seize. Not this year! This leather notebook will keep your daily musings organized while never letting you forget to carpe every damn diem of 2016. You will not hit snooze on that alarm and then just give up and get stoned at 3 PM when you finally roll out of bed!


There you have it: the ultimate list of leather-bound notebooks to make you completely erase the deplorable POS you were last year.