Kim’s Inspirational Facebook Posts No Longer Effective

After months of barraging Facebook friends with messages of hope and positive thinking, Kim Harris’ inspirational posts have been deemed no longer effective or inspiring to viewers.


Kim’s inspiring journey started in early spring; while combatting 20 pounds of post-breakup depression weight, she posted a series of inspirational quotes giving thanks for the little things and heavily utilizing the #blessed hashtag.


“That shit is obnoxious, but Kim was an emotional trainwreck, so I thought it signaled a step in the right direction,” says friend Paula Morgan. “But five months later, saying you’re “finding your higher purpose” while getting drunk off a box of Franzia and watching reruns of Gilmore Girls in your studio apartment is really a cry for help.”



Kim’s inspirational Facebooking took a turn for the worse this summer when she discovered her ex, Mark, started dating a 23-year-old model/philanthropist. Shortly after seeing a photo of his new interest in a bodycon dress, Harris began posting a constant stream of Sex and the City quotes laid over scenic shots of New York City at night.


One friend notes that Kim wrote, “Some people refuse to settle for anything less than butterflies” immediately after she trying to pull a stranger into her Uber by the back hair. “It was the opposite of inspiring,” says friend Noelle Simms. “It actually made us all feel pretty bad about ourselves that night.”


By September, Harris’s Facebook page was rapidly descending into a series of half-baked nonsensical phrases with an over reliance on smiley face emoticons.


“That one post that said, ‘WE’RE ALL BEAUTIFUL’ that was just followed by a bunch of manic-looking emoticons? That was some dark shit,” says coworker, Paula Morgan. “I unfollowed her after that.”