Kim Kardashian Says Career is ‘Not About Looks’

Kim Kardashian

In a recent People Magazine interview, Kim Kardashian opened up about her recent pregnancy and weight gain. The reality star says the negative comments about her weight don’t bother her because her career has “never been about looks.”
“I know I’ve gotten where I am from my hard work and natural talents,” Kardashian tells the magazine. “Those are things that my fans appreciate about me.”

Kardashian goes on to say that looks were not what drew boyfriend, Kanye West, to her either. “Kanye and I had a really deep bond that began as a friendship and evolved into a relationship. It actually didn’t dawn on him for awhile that he was into me, physically.”
Kim’s not letting the weight comments get her down. “I’ll be happy when the pregnancy is over, just so that people can stop discussing my appearance and I can get back to the work I’ve been doing.”