Justin Bieber Eats His Own Sh*t While Leaving Nightclub

Papparazzi snapped pics of Justin Bieber Wednesday night, when he reportedly pooped into a takeout container and proceeded to eat it after leaving a popular nightclub.


“Justin’s crew were like ‘if you gotta take a sh*t, go back in the club’ and Justin was all ‘nah man I’ll just take a sh*t right here,’” says one witness. “Then he took his friend’s McDonalds hamburger box and took a huge sh*t in it.”
When the Papparazzi asked Justin to show them the poop, he reportedly said, “you f*ckers want to see how wild I am?” and began eating his own feces followed by with what sounded like “F*ck Obama!” said through a mouthful of poop.
bieber poop 2

Here’s an image of Justin leaving the club, apparently stifling his laughter, or wiping the excess feces from his mouth.
bieber poop 3
“The weirdest thing is,” says a source close to the star, “he was wearing his shirt the whole time. This is very unlike Justin.”