Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fan Club President Steps Down After 21-Year Term

The Jonathan Taylor Thomas Fan Club was rocked this week when president and founder, Elizabeth Ward, stepped down on Friday. She had held the position since 1994.


“It’s been an honor serving you,” said Ward to her constituents, mostly women in their mid-20s and early 30s, in her last address in office. “I’ll always heart JTT forever and ever, just as I vowed I would when I took this office, but it’s time for me to move on.


“Jonathan saw me through some dark times – he was there through my first kiss, high school graduation, marriage, divorce, and three miscarriages, but it’s time to pass the torch. I will always love JTT above all else, ” Ward said in a moving speech after a screening of Man Of The House at the annual JTT fan convention known colloquially as Jon-Con. At the end of the ceremony, she was presented with a framed, digitally signed 8”x10” headshot of Jonathan Taylor Thomas, which she tearfully promised to masturbate to from time to time.


“You never forget the first time a boy gives you the tinglies,” said Ward. “It’s just time for me to move on to obsessing over more important things, like my family.”


Ward’s tenure, although long, was not without controversy. In 2000, the rebranding of the group from “JTTeens” to “The Jonathan Taylor Mommas” was hotly contested, and resulted in an 18-percent drop in membership, with some members saying the name change, compounded by the addition of a “Parenting Tips” section to message boards, was a step too far.



Despite this tension, most members welcomed the change. The “Parenting Tips” board, spearheaded by Ward after the birth of her son, Randy-Taylor, eventually became the most active board, eclipsing even the wildly popular “JTT Fan Art” board. Ward also moved the group to social media, launching a Twitter and Facebook page. The hashtag #WWJTTD garnered almost 300 tweets in just five years. “I’m proud to say that I’ve been part of building a solid foundation, and I know this club can go on with a new captain at the helm”, says Ward.


“Elizabeth has been such a source of inspiration to all of us. Without her, we wouldn’t be the Simba-loving, bathtub-rubbing group of girls we are today,” states Paula Maxwell, treasurer.


She will be replaced as president by Samantha Cucci, who has served as vice president of the club since its inception. “I look forward to infusing the club with a new energy,” says Cucci, camped outside a large mansion in the Pacific Palisades. “From now on, we’re gonna do things my way.”