Jay Crew Exclusive: Sarah Jessica Parker Talks about New Fashion Label

sarah jessica parker

Fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker is launching her eponymous fashion line, SJP, which will be available at Nordstrom next year. She sat down with Reductress’ Jay Crew to discuss the venture.
R: Oh shit. We’re wearing the same thing.
SJP: You rarely see a man in Charles Jourdan slingback sandals and a Zac Posen cap sleeve blouse.
R: Thank you. So tell me about your movie.
SJP: I don’t have one. I’m here to discuss my new fashion line, which will be in stores next year.
R: Fine. I just need to turn in 200 words to pair with an airbrushed stock image of you and a headline that I can barely justify. People will seriously click on anything. Okay, so it’s called SJP. Isn’t the whole initials thing a little tired? It’s like wearing the Carrie necklace in Season 8.
SJP: The show was only 6 seasons.
R: It felt like 12. My middle name is Crandall so as a little homage to you, kiss kiss, I went by JCC for like 20 seconds in 1999. Fast forward to today, I have to be at a Tory Burch wristlet debut in the Meatpacking District in half an hour, so let’s fire through the rest of these questions. How is your new celebrity perfume different from the others?
SJP: It’s a shoe and clothing line. I believe this collection re-contextualizes elements with which the modern woman is familiar by presenting them in a bold, fresh manner. Nordstrom is…
R: It’s Nordstrom’s.
SJP: It isn’t actually.

R: Well, that’s how my mom says it. Look, at the end of the day, you were in Did You Hear About the Morgans? and I wasn’t so JCC: one and SJP: zero.
SJP: Please be professional.
R: You’re as difficult as I expected. Next question, on a scale of Lourdes’ Material Girl collection to Nicole Richie’s House of Harlow, how involved are you in the design process?
SJP: I don’t follow.
R: Well, one of them is a legitimate businesswoman making executive decisions and the other one is the attention-starved daughter of a singing legend who’d lick the grout in a Hollywood Hills bathroom for a remnant from last night’s coke binge and is just using her business to write off ‘market research’ trips to Berlin. Which one are you?
SJP: I’m very proud to collaborate with George Malkemus. His experience at Manolo Blahnik…
R: Oh, got it, okay. So you’re the Katie Holmes and he’s the Asian one doing all the work.
SJP: I think Katie is incredibly talented and her aesthetic is crucial to the success of the Holmes & Yang line.
R: Good one. So, you were at Halston for a hot minute as their Chief Creative Officer. How long before you quit this gig for Sex and the City 17?
SJP: I held the position at Halston for a year and a half. Your behavior is unbecoming. I’m sorry. This interview is over.
R: Quitter. JCC: two, SJP: zero.
SJP: You’re incredibly rude.
R: I didn’t even bring up your gay husband once.
SJP: Goodbye.
R: Can you sign my Hocus Pocus DVD before you go?

Correction: Nordstrom is not possessive. Mr. Broderick is, according to our legal department, not allowed to be identified as a homosexual. Reductress regrets the error.