J. Lawr’s Most Candid Quotes!


“I tell people waaayyyy too much. Like, oh my God, I’m falling over right now literally. Okay now I’m on the ground. Oof.”

– On being honest with the media


“Acting is NOT hard. Being homeless is hard. That’s why I had sex with a homeless guy in Venice. I still have this faint rash under my boob. See?”

– On Acting


“Does it look like I have cranberry sauce on my butt? I’m hiding ketchup packets in my underwear.”

– On the lack of strong female leads over 40


“When I saw her, it’s like my body had a mind of its own, and I just ran over and stuck my head in her armpit, and licked it for like 18 seconds, and then I pooped in my Valentino gown.“

– On meeting her idol, Meryl Streep


“Ew. No way. He’s like my brother. For real though, one time I fucked my brother. It was after a high school dance and we were really drunk and we just went for it as a joke. My parents thought we were being so dumb.”

– On her relationship with Bradley Cooper


“I actually think people with AIDS are awesome. When I meet them, I’m always like, “Oh my god! Did you go to Studio 54?!” I’m obsessed.”

–On her charitable efforts

Jennifer Lawrence poses at the 85th Academy Awards nominees luncheon in Beverly Hills

“I would motorboat the fuck out of myself if I could.”

– On her healthy body image


“Diets are bullshit. I just run into stuff and then laugh really hard.”

– On staying in shape


“Me and my imaginary friend Solar Cat speak Utawawaeh – it’s a language we made up for when we eat croissants.”

– On what she likes to eat