Iowa Voters Impressed by Pete Buttigieg’s Past Experience as a White Man

The 2020 Democratic field has been characterized by its diverse and modern set of candidates. However, in a twist that has left politicos baffled, but also many people completely unsurprised, a new white man is really resonating with Iowa caucus voters.


“We love Mayor Pete,” said South Bend resident Mary Catalan of nascent political darling Pete Buttigieg. “He seems to really know what he’s doing. I mean, I don’t know any of his platforms, but he’s a white guy. So that tracks for me.”


Buttigieg has emerged as a rising star in recent polls, quickly gaining national attention. Though he was virtually unknown a month ago, a number of polls have catapulted Mayor Pete to third place, where he trails only longtime white guy politicians Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.



“I have some issues with the platforms of other contenders, like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris,” said Iowa voter Greg Duluth. “And while I’m not entirely or even vaguely sure about Pete’s politics, he looks like he’s got a good head on those white shoulders. I trust him.”


Some voters, Democrats and Republicans alike, have been particularly impressed with Mayor Pete’s credentials — Navy officer, Rhodes Scholar, Caucasian, male.


“He’s clearly a smart guy, and that has really stood out amongst the crowd,” remarked Wyatt Miller of Cedar Rapids. “And he’s got decades of experience as a white dude, I don’t think a lot of the other candidates can say that!”


Other supporters have flocked to the Buttigieg campaign due to his warm nature and inherent likeability.


“He’s skinny and his name is Peter, what’s there not to like?” said Jeanine Luscheck of Des Moines. “My choice is clear,”


However, in a field flush with senators, governors, and powerful women of color, Mayor Pete will have to prove himself as a politician and potential world leader. But actually, maybe he won’t?


“Sure, he’s young, but he’s been a white man for 37 years now,” said Blake Henderson of Ankeny. “I think he knows how to run a country.”