I’m Just Really Into Dashikis Now

White Woman Speaks:

Aren’t you just loving wearing dashikis this summer? I know I am! I love wearing them with leggings, with jeans, or having it be like a tiny dress that shows off the very bottom of my butt cheeks.


I love spending $6.99 for one at the International Street Fair, and I equally love spending $79.99 for one of them in an online boutique! I just can’t get enough Dashikis!


They are colorful! They are comfortable, but most importantly … they are ethnic as hell! I’m not sure which group they “belong” to, but it might as well be mine now since I wear so many of them!


Who doesn’t love wearing a dashiki as a beach cover-up? Or showing up at trivia night in a brand new dashiki that flows off your shoulders effortlessly? My favorite dashiki stops traffic because of its bright colors and loud patterns! Dashikis scream: “HERE I COME WORLD! THANKS FOR NOTICING!”



Right now I’m enjoying dancing around my room wearing nothing but a dashiki whilst listening to one of the R&B stations on my radio!


I have no idea what to do when fall comes because every dashiki I’ve ever seen for sale has short sleeves. It makes me so sad to think about giving up all of my dashikis for months on end! There is probably some seller on Etsy who can make long sleeve dashikis. I just have to stick to my guns and believe that keeping hope alive is freedom.


Jeez, I’m just really into dashikis now!