I Refuse to Be Labeled by Anything Except For These Huge Hermes Belt Buckles

When it comes to my identity, I absolutely refuse to be labeled by anyone or anything. No existing labels are colorful or specific enough to describe my complex persona. Unless, of course, we’re talking about the enormous Hermès belt buckles that have me marked like a piece of livestock. Yep, they’ve got me labeled! Don’t go and try to put me in a box, unless it is the box that these giant Hermes belt buckles came in:



Hermès Burgundy Leather Belt ($514.95, Vestiaire Collective)

Any attempt at pigeonholing my personality is a fool’s errand. So while you’re puzzling over how to classify me, I’ll be over here, comfortable in my own singularity…well, singular except for a certain wildly popular fashion house represented prominently on my groin by this monstrous, gleaming monogram. What, can I say? That “H” just speaks to me!




Cintura Hermès Belt ($371.35, Vestiaire Collective)Hermes2

My peers are always trying to define me, and it drives me nuts. I’m not like everyone else and I think it’s pretty obvious from the way I carry myself with a confidence that borders on elitism. It’s nobody’s business whether my interests are a phase or a permanent staple of my image. What IS everyone’s business, however, is my allegiance to this unmistakable accessory: a big-as-fuck Hermès belt buckle that you’ve probably seen on a few E! Network reality stars.







Hermès Gold Belt ($246.82, Vestiaire Collective)
Other people may fall into line without much persuading, but not me. I march to the beat of my own drum. My style and personality defy description and I take issue with anyone who tries to define me by throwing around cheap labels. I only align myself with expensive labels, like Hermès–the only designer whose buckles I trust to hold up my pants in as chic a manner as possible.



So, good luck trying to figure out this unique snowflake! It’s practically impossible, but if you must categorize me, I’ll say it again: I’m a Hermes belt buckle girl, so keep those gaudy Moschino things away from me. I’m my own person!!