I Know She Just Got a Divorce, But What is Marsha’s Problem?

Let me just start by saying I feel so terrible for Marsha. And let me follow that up by saying holy shit, what the hell is up with Marsha?


Look, I’m an empathetic person. With Josh leaving her for his Zumba instructor, she must be a mess. I cannot even imagine what she must be going through—they were married for seven years and he just falls in love with a new pair of thighs during a free two-week trial at the YMCA?!


But, that aside…what is her problem lately, y’know?


It has been months and she’s still being a total b-word. Last week I invited her out to brunch and she didn’t even have the decency to text back, and I know she saw it because she’s been camped out on her couch, staring at her phone, waiting for him to call and say he’s made a huge mistake. So like, she definitely saw my text.


What kind of a self-centered jerk ignores her friends’ brunch needs like that?



I know she has a lot on her mind, with the lawyers and that messy prenup, but it’s just common decency. She could at least send out a sad emoji, like that one of the girl resting her head on her arms. Then I would know! It’s about communication, and I feel like she’s just not doing that right now.


Honestly, I am just trying to be there for her during this difficult time, but she’s making it really hard by acting like she’s going though suuuch a difficult time, like, okay, we get it.


Anytime I see her, she gives me this look like, “I’m sad.” Ummm, what am I supposed to do with that information? Sometimes I feel like she just gives me these looks like I’m the one doing something wrong. She came over to my studio apartment after meeting with the realtor about selling the house she and Josh designed together, and it was like she did not even hear me when I was excitedly telling her about my new boyfriend who I’m so in love with. She just kept staring out the window, and then she asked if I’d ever had trouble sleeping in an empty bed. Rude!!



I am trying to be a supportive friend, but how can I be when she is acting so messed up toward me, you know? I’m not the one divorcing her, Josh is. So why is she crying when I’m around? I suggested she meet up with Josh to cry, but she wasn’t having it. Instead she just keeps crying and looking at pictures of the two of them in Bora Bora together. I know for a fact that she begged Josh to go to Paris instead, so I don’t know what the big deal is. Plus, they wouldn’t have been able to travel so much if he hadn’t dragged his feet on having kids before ultimately telling her he’d lied to her and himself and didn’t want them now or ever. And she can’t have them now, so it’s like, what the eff, go to Paris! But she just keeps crying and crying. In my house!


Typical grieving Marsha.


Obviously I think that all of this is totally heartbreaking, but does that really give her the right to take out her weirdness on me? What’s the point of even having friends if they aren’t DTB (down to brunch)?


I’m not the only one who realizes how much of a shitty friend she’s being, right?