How To Text Your Crush So He Thinks You’re Out

If you’re anything like me, you have no social life. And not because you’re pursuing a demanding career or are an especially busy person—you’re just kinda no fun. But just because you’re lame doesn’t mean your crush has to know! Here are the texting dos and don’ts of fooling your crush into thinking you actually go out on a Saturday night:

DO: Say you’re at a random house party.

Drunk Text 1

DON’T: Make up the name of a fake club.

Drunk Text 2

DO: Make a “drunk” typo.

Drunk Text 3

DON’T: Make too many faux-drunk typos.

Drunk Text 4

DO: Send a flirty emoji.

Drunk Text 5

DON’T: Send emojis that makes no sense.

Drunk Text 6

DO: Attempt a booty call at an appropriate hour.

Drunk Text 7

DON’T: Attempt a booty call at an insane hour.

Drunk Text 8



DO: Say you’re taking care of a drunk friend.

Drunk Text 9

DON’T: Say you’re at a hospital.

Drunk Text 10