How to Stay Down to Earth After Getting Knotless Braids

Getting a great new hairstyle can completely change your mood for the better, and knotless braids are no exception. But if you struggle with an overblown ego after getting this hairstyle, look no further. Here’s how to stay down to earth after getting knotless braids!


Remember that it’s just hair.

Even though you look amazing with your new inches, remember not to take it too seriously. After all, it’s just hair! Hair that looks incredible, but hair nonetheless. Wait, you really do look amazing though.


Practice mindfulness.

There are other things in life that matter more than how good you look, like plants and trees and stuff. Try to meditate for about 20-30 minutes, or however long you can go without taking mirror pics of yourself looking absolutely incredible, confident, and in many ways a better person than you were before.


Make sure to listen when other people talk.

Even though other people may not look as good as you do, their thoughts and voices still matter sort of. Make sure to pay attention when you hear someone saying something to you, even though the sound is kind of annoying.



Read an article, or watch the news.

Learn about what else is going on in the world other than how hot you look. Even though it’s challenging, reading an article and/or watching the news is a great way to stay up to date on other things happening in the world besides your new do’, even though they are way less interesting and sexy.


With these tips, staying down to earth when you look so good has never been easier! But also, who even cares, because you look hot and hot people can do whatever they want!!!