How To Show You Have a Sense of Humor

One in eight people are born without a sense of humor. That means, in an average-sized classroom, three students will not laugh when another student makes a joke. If you’ve never laughed at a joke, you may be lacking a sense of humor. Humor is a useful bonding tool that allows those around you to trust you. Follow the tips below to fake a sense of humor in order to gain trust and influence:


1. When you see someone drop a coin and while bending down to pick it up, plummet head first into a manhole, laugh.

The British Comedian Jack Dee said that comedy and tragedy are two sides of the same coin. Everyone laughs at Wile E. Coyote when he falls off a cliff, so you can totally laugh when a man plummets to his death. Try turning to a stranger, slapping your knee, and exclaiming, “that’s life for ya!”


2. Speak like Christopher Walken for the duration of a meal.

People find Christopher Walken’s voice and cadence funny because it is different from regular voices. Impersonate him throughout a meal with friends, family or a date. Heck, you can channel Christopher Walken in office meetings. You’ll be the life of the party. “I have a fever and the only prescription is more of these donuts, Cheryl!”


3. Find out people’s insecurities and make fun of them.

People love being made fun of because it transforms their pain into laughter. There are no limits to what you can jeer at – male pattern baldness, OCD, a beer belly, dyslexia, a meager paycheck, an appreciation for Justin Bieber, a clubfoot, a tiny penis, or rancid body odor are all great topics to latch onto.



4. Pull a prank.

People love gags. Here are a few ideas:

Weapon in the carry-on prank: Before your friend leaves for vacation, place a weapon in her carry on luggage. If you don’t have a gun lying around at home, steak knives work just as well. When she gets stopped at security and detained, she’ll have a nice chuckle at your gag.

Open salt prank: When you’re on a date, unscrew the top of the salt, so that when he tries to salt his food he ends up spilling out the contents of the bottle. He’ll think it’s hilarious that his $30 steak is no longer edible.

Nair in shampoo bottle prank: When your roommate isn’t home, fill her shampoo bottle with Nair. This way, she’ll wash her hair right off her head. Refer to the third suggestion in the following weeks (“find the thing that makes someone really insecure and make fun of it.”)


5. Apply the ‘rule of threes’ to real life.

The rule of threes is a device used in comedy where something is repeated three times for comedic effect. Say you’re at a family barbecue and your sister has a cute new dress on. When she’s least expecting it, spray her with the hose. After she’s gone inside, changed, gotten another beer, and finally calmed down, spray her again. Then repeat. The third time will really get her!


Most importantly, remember: one of the secrets to showing you have a sense of humor, is to keep laughing. Even if others aren’t laughing, your laughter signals that you do indeed find things funny. Now, go and earn the respect and admiration of everyone around you!