How To Post Sexy Selfies ‘Ironically’

You want to show off how hot you look on Instagram, but you don’t want to come off as narcissistic. What do you do? Just add some irony! Write a hilarious description that shows people you are more than just a beautiful face/body/boob.



1. Draw attention to your lips – but let people know you know, you know?

QUACK QUACK! Duck face, beeetches! LOL.



2. Give yourself a weird complainy excuse for a sexy POV shot.

Me judging the tree that kept dropping nuts on me while I tried to relax by the pool! LOL.


3. Look off to the side as though you are annoyed about something.

So much work to do tonight. Finals almost over! SMH! LOL..



4. Take a sexy shot of you eating food, but keep the description deprecating.

OMG sooo full from cake batter. Need to hit the gym tomorrow! LOL.


So next time you’re ‘graming it sexily, add that ironic caption that hides your vanity!