How To Make It Seem Like You’re Really Into Recycling

How to Fake Recycling - Reductress

Love the idea of recycling, but don’t care enough to spend every week sorting through dumb plastic and cardboard? Who has time for that?! Here are some helpful suggestions of simple things you can do to make it seem like you are really into recycling:


1. Buy a tote bag.
If you want to keep up the appearance that you give a crap about recycling, carrying an ugly canvas tote bag is a necessary evil. Find one with a worn-out design to make it seem like you’ve had it for years, enhancing the illusion that you would never throw away a perfectly usable, crappy tote bag. Keep this hideous tote bag inside of your purse at all times. The next time you’re around a group of friends, tell everyone you have to make a quick pit stop for kale. When the cashier goes to put your items in a plastic bag (this is your big moment, ladies), whip out your tote bag and slap it on the counter! You are a true environmental hero!


2. Buy a bunch of cleaning products that have leaves on the label.
‪Every serious recycler is equally serious about buying the greenest cleaning products ‬‬‬‬‪on the market. ‬Green cleaning products often use leaves as art for their labels to signify something about the earth. ‬‬Every time you have a guest over to your home, hide your Lysol, bleach sprays, and Scrubbing Bubbles. ‬‪Your friends will be in awe of how dedicated you are to saving the planet when‬‬ ‬‬they see your vast arrangement of leaf-labeled cleaning supplies!



3. Get a large plastic bag and fill it with a blanket or a pillow.
There isn’t one hardcore recycler in the world that doesn’t have a plastic bag filled with a million other hideous plastic bags. So save one large plastic bag and buy some new blankets or pillows to fill up the rest. Put a couple of plastic bags on top of it to hide the fact that the majority of this bag isn’t really bags! You only have to save a few bags to make this illusion work. You DO NOT have to change your lifestyle by saving a million plastic bags like some kind of bag freak.


Looking like you’re really into recycling doesn’t have to be as hard as being really into recycling. Don’t compromise your lifestyle for the sake of the environment!