How to Have an Attractive Amount of Buddhism

Admit it: It just isn’t sexy to be traditionally religious anymore, but the right amount of Buddhism can go a long way. Use the tips below to be just Buddhist enough to make you more attractive without it being weird:


You Meditate – Sometimes. Not every day or anything, but every once in awhile you take the time for some mindful solitude. You’re not just sitting silently on the ground; you’re becoming more interesting! Just don’t mention it more than once in the same conversation.


You Mostly Believe In Karma. Don’t freak out – all this really means is that you have a more elaborate reason for being a good person than everybody else. Having an exotic moral compass allows you to seem mysteriously knowledgeable and intuitive, without having to really know much about the philosophy you’re purporting to uphold.


You Sort of Care About Tibet. As one of the main Buddhism-practicing regions in the world, Tibet is an oppressed land worthy of your attention. You’re not going to rallies or following recent developments in the region, but you are buying colorful thread bracelets that you’re pretty sure were braided in Tibet. Or was it China? Not important.


You Have One Pair of Buddha Earrings. They express your appreciation for the teachings of Siddhartha Gautama and were on sale at a flea market.



The above suggestions will help make you just Buddist enough. After all, you’re not trying to make a statement or get into any meaningful philosophical discussions. Too much zeal and you’ll seem scary, but just enough gives you a touch of that manic pixie dream girl quality that men just can’t turn down.