How to Get Him to Objectify YOUR Body Type

couple in bathroom

Every woman is unique, but we all crave one thing – the male gaze. We all want to be noticed and objectified, but sometimes the body you are born in isn’t the right one for him. Traditionally the best solution for this was to reshape your body, but it’s become increasingly popular to find ways to get other ways for him to objectify the body type you have today. Here’s how:


Work with what you’ve got.

Wear clothing that highlights the features you want to play up so that he’ll be able to objectify you easily. Avoid clothing with slogans, as you don’t want to confuse him with personal thoughts or beliefs. Your best bet is simple colors or patterns that highlight your assets, and skim over the parts that might not be exactly what he’s looking for in a sexual object. If you are trying to make your big hips seem desirable, wear something that says, “Wow, look at these hips! I am aware of how big they are, in a good way and you should be into them too.”


Stop hiding your body.

Do you have a boyish build? Wear something short and feminine, with a sexy, fun pair of tights that remind him that while you may use them for walking, the real purpose of your legs is to make his penis say, “Whee!” Since men have legs, too, it’s essential that you wear heels to make sure that he knows that he’s looking at a woman’s legs. He’ll be looking at you as a sex bucket in no time!



Okay, maybe hide your body.

Are you a larger woman? It’s okay, girl – that’s totally legal. You want to seem proud of your shape, but don’t go crazy with revealing ALL of it. Be sure to highlight your full chest and bottom, but do everything in your power to hide your tummy. While men appreciate a full chest, don’t wear anything that could make you appear pregnant, as that forces him to remember that your body is not just there to excite him and jiggle pleasingly.


Don’t Draw Attention Away from Your Body

Are you a butterface? If you have a face, you might be. So just in case, go for a natural makeup look. Too much caked-on goop can draw attention to your face, which shows a range of emotions and feelings. Since not all of those feelings are sexual, they can really impede men who are trying to view your body solely as a collection of pleasing parts that contain orifices for their sexual pleasure. That said, drawing attention to your mouth is always ideal – with the right lip gloss, men can happily imagine you fellating them even when you are presenting ideas at a board meeting, or explaining feminist theory.


There is a PornHub category for every body type, so go ahead feel comfortable being objectified in the skin you’re in. Short or tall; fat or thin: Remember that you are a strong, beautiful cock holster!