How to Act Like Things Are Okay When You Miss Vine So Much

It can be difficult to find joy in everyday life when you are experiencing a great loss. For example, the loss of Vine – the game-changing video looping app that was shut down almost a year ago. The truth is, you may never recover, but you can try! Here are some tips on how you can seem like you’re okay when you miss Vine so flippin’ much.


Go Outside And Do Something Fun

It’s important to focus on the fact that there are so many other fun things to do in life besides making hilarious six-second videos. Take a break from sobbing gently as you kneel before a homemade Vine shrine and go for a walk with a friend. You may see some things that remind you of Vine, like a cool wall or a dog or a park or an interesting tree or your friends or some funny sign, but stay strong! You can can Insta your walk, but no short videos or else people will know you’re not okay.


Look at Pictures of Dogs Online

Dogs have the magical ability to make everyone happy, even when you’re grieving the loss of the world’s most incredible app! Go online and search for some videos of puppies trying to get up stairs, or not being able to catch treats in their mouths. You’re definitely going to wish those cute videos were shorter, and on an endless loop, but this is your life now. Even if those dogs didn’t cheer you up – because probably nothing will now that Vine is gone – tell people you’re fine. You’ll look like the rest of society that didn’t spend hours watching Vines!



Remember That There are People Suffering Worse That You

Think about it this way: all over the world there are people who never even got to experience Vine. Those unfortunate souls never even got to see the wonder that is making and watching super funny short content created by everyday people. It’s a shame you can’t even show it to them now that it’s gone, but at least remember how lucky you were to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.


Watch Vine Compilations on YouTube

Oh my god, did you know that there are hours and hours of Vine compilations on YouTube? What a literal godsend. You’ll never again be able to post a six-second loop of your best friend falling off a skateboard, but at least you can curl up with a 40 minute montage of kid fails and just check out for a bit. Yayyy!!


Use these tips so you can appear normal to people in a society that doesn’t value Vine above all else for some insane reason. Maybe you’ll have time to look for a job now!