How Having a Boyfriend Can Help You Get the Boyfriend of Your Dreams

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Do you know why everyone loves designer clothing? Because most people can’t afford to buy it. Just like women, men want what they can’t have. That’s why having a boyfriend is a surefire step towards finding a new one. By making yourself less accessible, you instantly increase your value and create the illusion that you are more important than you really are.


Having a man with you at social events says that you are a woman with options. Just like a potential employer wouldn’t hire someone who was only looking for a paycheck, a man of value will want to feel like you are choosing him over other guys. Wouldn’t it make you feel good if someone at work was fired so you could get a promotion? That’s how it’ll make your ideal mate feel when you leave your other mate for him because he is better.



Think of it like the college application process: very few people get into Ivy League schools. When you were rejected from Yale, it didn’t mean you couldn’t go to college—you need to find a boyfriend that you can think of as your safety school. Once you’ve gained approval from one man, you can always transfer to another. But if you decide to stay at home and stop trying, your chances will decrease over time. If a potential mate doesn’t see your value at first, it doesn’t mean you will never get to be with him; it just means you need to keep trying, beef up your credentials, and make yourself look more desirable.


Remember the saying, “When it rains it pours?” That applies to dating and relationships, too. So get out there and find a man (any old man will do) and you’ll soon find yourself moving up the ladder to Mr. Right.