Hot Summer Tip: Make Those Chafing Thighs Look Sexy!

You might think thigh chafing is gross and uncomfortable. But so are heels, and we love those, right? Here are some ways to showcase that summer sweat and thigh chafe while you strut your stuff:
chafing nails

Nail it!

Chaffing can be pretty itchy, but use this scratching to your advantage by showing off your latest manicure! Nothing is sexier than caressing your legs, even if they are red and irritated. For an extra fierce look, keep polish colors to pinks and reds to match your raw and gnarly legs!

chafing stud

What a Stud!

Just because chaffing causes ugly welts doesn’t mean it can’t be sexy. 3-D textures and studded materials are totally hot right now, so why stop with your skin? Complement your bumps with a pair of studded knee-high socks and you’re a total alterna-hottie.

Athlete’s Thigh!

Sometimes making an athletic look sexy can be hard, but not when your chaffed thighs are screaming, “I walk around. I’m really active!” That skinjury is evidence of how far you’re willing to go, on the streets or in the bedroom. Add a pair of yoga booty shorts to highlight your inflammation and you’ll be setting his crotch on fire as well!
chafing blood

Rashlin Monroe!

If your thighs have started to bleed because you refused to wear spanx with your skirt, playfully push your skirt down to sop up the blood! Sure you’ll let him have a peek, but that doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be demure. Wear something white so he can see the sexy mix of sweat and blood peeping through!