Hot Smokey Eye Effects to Distract From Your Jaundice

Smokey Eyes - Reductress

Makeup trends come and go, but classic techniques like the smokey eye have stood the test of time in the modern woman’s beauty arsenal. The smokey eye is perfect for boosting confidence and distracting from the jaundiced yellow eyeballs that often result from a disease-ravaged liver. By mastering the simple techniques below, no one will guess you’ve probably been drinking yourself into an early grave.


Workday smokey eyeWork
While dramatic makeup might seem out of place at the office, a subtle smokey eye can distinguish you from your frumpier co-workers. Paired with a killer pencil skirt, this bold look screams, “I can work hungover and I deserve that raise!” and “Please, for the love of god, don’t take away my health insurance!”



Coffee date smokey eye

Coffee with Girlfriends

Stave off prying questions from concerned friends with this knockout take on the classic smokey eye. Thanks to this easy smudging technique, you can casually discuss bridesmaids’ dresses and cake flavors as if your bile salt levels weren’t off the charts. This darker look is perfect for green eyes and hazel eyes whose conjunctivas have inordinately high bilirubin levels.




clubbing smokey eye

The Club

Where better to bust out this fun, glittery variation than in the club? Feel free to lock eyes with handsome strangers, knowing that the double-takes are for your striking makeup, and not for the alarming illness staining your skin and eyes.


date night smokey eye

Date Night
A go-to date night staple, a colorful smokey eye will amp up your sex appeal, as well as offset your flaming, watery eyes. This stunner will give you the confidence to make the first move, and assure that he won’t suspect the raging hepatitis he’s about to contract.


So treat your chronic liver disease the same way you did your drinking problem – by hiding it – with these fun smokey eye effects!