BREAKING: Hillary Clinton Accidentally Tweets Picture of Mole

hillary clinton mole

Former Secretary of State and rumored presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton offered a formal apology Friday after accidentally tweeting a close-up of one of her moles with the caption, “Does this look bad to you?” to her approximately 500,000 followers.
In the statement, which was first posted via a series of tweets, Clinton was far more effusive than the social networking microblog site’s 140-character limit would allow. “I would like to apologize to all of my new Tweet friends for the embarrassing photograph I accidentally sent out late this afternoon,” the former FLOTUS wrote.
“I am new to the Twitter, having just joined up a few weeks ago, and I thought I was sending the photo directly to my excellent dermatologist, Dr. Moira Lindell. Dr. Lindell has been my doctor for almost 14 years, and she and her family are all great people and great Americans. Dr. Lindell’s father served in WWII. Her family is full of exemplary Americans.”

Toward the end of the lengthy apology statement, Clinton summarized by saying, “I am sure you’ll understand that mistakes happen and we can all be forgiven, but the mole had a strange bump in the middle of it and as I do not have time to go to the doctor, Dr. Lindell had informed me that she sometimes diagnoses patients via electronic mail messages. I did not realize I was signed into my twitter program at the time I composed the message.” For her part, Dr. Lindell gave the mole a clean bill of health, tweeting “@hillaryclinton: Looks fine, but stay out of the sun. How’s Bill?”
Clinton has since figured out the DM feature of Twitter, and she says she’s “glad the American public understands the challenges of adapting to new media.”