Here Are a Few More Words You Can Feminist

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It seems like people just gave up after feminventing words like “womyn” or “herstory”. Now, it’s time to bring in a few new players in the game. Here are a few surefire words you can feminist in two minutes or less. They pack a punch, and can make any conversation way more feminist. Here are some easy words that you can feminist in order to make everything as feminist as possible:



This word has the ring of “biology” to it, but with none of the patriarchal connotations. Wombiology is pinker – literally, because it sounds like “womb,” and reminds me of the uterus and vagina. Next time your nieces or nephews request you help them with their biology project, see if you can interest them in a Wombiology project instead. They’ll feel more empowered and their womynstructors will thank you for broadening the discussion.



Let’s be honest: the word, “accomplishment” has man-prints all over it. Thomas Edison inventing the light bulb? Accomplishment. Aunt Dina brightening up her living room with a few fertility statues? That’s a vaggomplishment. A woman earning 77 cents for every dollar that a man makes? This is actually also a vaggomplishment, because 100 years ago, women couldn’t even earn money. Just look around, gals. Your world is probably teaming with vaggomplishments, waiting to be noticed.




“Orgasm” and “femmegasm” are eerily alike in nature, except for the fact that one of them is done by a woman. Feminist status: upgraded!



This one is pretty self-explanatory. Feminist.


There you have it. These are four words you should be feministing as hard as you can. For a real challenge, try to incorporate all four of them into one sentence the next time you find yourself at a vulv-tail party, or a She-bbat dinner.